Secesta “Aims to rise with the success of its customers”

Secesta web design and programming; was established to meet the needs and demands on the internet and also to provide consultancy services. Since 2002, he has been working for many people and institutions and since 2016 he has collected all his works under SECESTA SOFTWARE SOLUTION.

In Secesta; We take the responsibility of every business we take as a member of our family as a high level of care. From the very first day we see ourselves as successful and the success and satisfaction of our customers.

For this reason, the SECESTA slogan is ” Aims to increase with the success of its customers”.

…we prepare websites that are compatible with dynamic, mobile, manageable, seo and mobile devices…

Secesta Software Solution®

Our Policy

Our Quality Policy, as a quality policy of Secesta, always stops at a line that catches the world standards. W3C adheres to the standards of Pagespeed Optimization and fully responsive websites. It delivers the keys of a web-world gate coded with easy-to-understand codes that are fully manageable executive panels.

Our Customer Policy;

As Secesta family, we aim to increase the satisfaction of our customers and we continue all our works until this satisfaction reaches its peak. At the same time, we provide information and referrals to increase the existing potential of our customers, especially with the right strategies and guidance for the institutions and individuals who have not been on the internet before.


We implement high quality policies and world standards.


we offer all of our works regularly to companies by reports.


We have Our high-level security policies and firewalls. All available services are highly secure.


We examine all the project as a team. After we decide strategies, we are doing creative promotion and got success.


We will fix all the work to be done with the contract. In this way, we follow up and report success and rise in the process from the beginning to the end of the project.


We see ourselves as success with the success of the projects. We offer suggestions for getting better results in their sector and stay the leadership position.


We offer full access and full support services. Thus, if such as unexpected situation or new campaigns should be announce our team will be make it done fastly.


Secesta never shares the information given by it to third parties.

However, it is the SECESTA’s responsibility for all the passwords and information it generates.

As part of Secesta’s policies, it sees every project that participates in this large and distinctive family as a new participating family member, and this is the source of all sensitivity.

Secesta cannot be held responsible for all electronic data such as passwords and login information shared with Secesta.

Presenting and improving the personal data we collect, offering our services, providing a personalized experience on our site (especially by suggesting services and products you may like), contacting you about your account or services, providing you with personalized advertising and marketing services, or identifying fraudulent or illegal activities we use them to block them and investigate such issues. We keep your personal data for the period stipulated by the applicable legislation or related to our activities or for the period of our activities. In addition, we may retain the personal data in the closed accounts to comply with the applicable legislation, to prevent fraud, to collect debts, to resolve disputes, to assist in investigations, to implement our User Agreement, and to perform other transactions permitted or required by applicable legislation.

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